REVIEW: Tresemme Smooth and Shine Hair Mask

11:37 PM

I always like looking around for some products in groceries or beauty store that I haven't tried but am interested in trying. This was the product of my roaming around - I bought it hoping it would work great with my hair. There were alot of good feedback on the Tresemme shampoo and conditioner and I thought I'd give this mask a try. 

A bit of background with my hair =]
Length - shoulder length (missing my long digipermed hair =[ )
Condition - "healthy" from what the salon told me.
Problem - Frizz and fly away hair

What it promises: Salon-like hair, silky, soft hair that shines

What I like:
• Price - It's much cheaper compared to the other brands that offer hair mask. Got this at P170
• Does what it says on the label.

What I didn't Like:
• Scent - Now, I'm not one of the people who likes salon hair smell, I just feel like it isn't natural for hair to smell like that. Haha but that's just me. If you do frequent salon then the scent wouldn't bother you much. Others says it has a fragrant smell. Hmm. Flowery-fragrant.

• What it promises - Don't get me wrong, it's not that it doesn't work. It works actually. You're hair will feel soft, silky, and look shiny. But I fail to acknowledge the word "dry" from the "for dry, frizz prone hair". All I was thinking were - soft, silky, shiny. And totally forgot about the oily part that would happen to my hair if it's overly conditioned. Damn those hair commercials. We get sucked in even though we know that they are made "perfectly-perfect" via editing. xD

• If you have dry hair, by all means, do try this out. Just a small amount of the product would work. Use it just like you would a conditioner. You could use this at least twice a week or more if needed. It really depends on how your hair take it.

• If your hair's like mine, where it gets oily fast - like if I shower this morning and wasn't able to the next morning (end up showering at night) it's already showing the signs of being oily. Skip this.

• Try not to get the product on your back. Nothing wrong, but just a precaution. I have my head in a bowing position when I condition my hair, if your not used to this you can always put on a shower cap.

• Just like normal conditioners, leave this on for about 3-5 min. before rinsing. And just apply it to the middle upto the ends of your hair. Applying this to your scalp will just threaten your hair to get too oily.

Selling my tub of TRESemme Smooth and Shine Hair Mask

Times used: 1

Reason for selling: If you've read my review above, it's not for me. ^^; I just think that it's a waste to throw away so why not sell it to people who could actually use it.

People who should consider using/buying: If you've tried this before and were satisfied, you can get this in a lower price =] or if you have dry hair and haven't had a good luck with other brands, you can try this out.

Price: P100

Mode of payment: BDO Deposit, paypal, or cash upon pick-up.

Shipping fee: P45 within Metro Manila, will be using Jam Courier service. (So far, this is the lowest rate I've found and have tried) The only way to get this without the shipping fee would be via pick-up. So if you are near or able to visit Sta. Cruz, Ongpin, this is a viable option compared to having it shipped to you. If you do choose to have it delivered to your home, I can give it to you for P85. So that, with adding the shipping fee, the price is P130. Still lower from the retail price of P170.

If you have tried this before, let us know what you think of it =]

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  1. Hi Desi,
    Thanks for the very informative review. I definitely agree with you, Tresemme is an affordable product but it is not capable of doing all the promises mentioned on the commercials and advertisements.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Hopefully it works better for others than it did for us ^^

  2. Really
    I just bought one of this yesterday and about to try today. Thnx for the info~♥



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